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Global Multilingual Call Center

“The world does not speak a single language, so why should your call center?”

In this international field it is necessary to offer assistance and services to clients who communicate in diverse languages. We will bring helpful support to your business in order to personalize assistance for your customers in their own native language.

ACS depends on native speakers of fluent French, Spanish, and English, who are accessible at all times. We also have great connections with immediate translating services which help us interpret multiple worldwide dialects.

If you are specifically seeking an efficient tool to assist your Spanish-English or French-English speaking customers, our skilled, receptive and convenient call center agents can advise your clients quickly and effectively.

Build successful experiences for your clients with a tailored message and boost your business’s effectiveness by assisting your non-English-speaking customers. Never give up on clients just because of communication barriers. Contact ACS today to learn more about our multilingual call center support services.

Our Goal

Through our customised consultancy and effective solutions you will be able to optimize your business by increasing your sales and the efficiency of the services you need. We know the importance of keeping up to date with the constant development of digital consulting in today’s international industry.


24/7/365 Support

The Acceptional Customer Support team is available on a 24/7 basis to assist all customers and merchants. The Customer Support team will promptly answer your calls and e-mails to provide rapid and quality service. We'll be there to solve any problems and answer any questions you might have, day or night.

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